With words and images, this is my small contribution to keeping the night fires burning all year long. I think that words with all their arrangements have lives of their own, kinetics of their own.Sometimes, when words are mixed with magic and and like-mindedness,  I imagine that they are drawn to each other by their own free will, and then a holy teaching is carried on the wind.

Christmas lights at night

Here are some of the things I am: a poet, a writer;  a psychiatric/mental health nurse and advocate;     a cartographer of my own life; a grandmother, partner, and friend. I’m building this blog to hang out more with words; to explore how I relate to the world on any given day; and most certainly to honor Old. Journaling, like most other writing, can be a lonely, isolated occupation. Moving toward other possibilities, my intention here is to explore participating in a different sort of community. I anticipate tags for poetry, grandparenting and graceful aging. Mystery. Maybe stories from the front lines of nursing.  Maybe life in Vermont in the early 21st century. Making magic. Making baskets. Making meaning. Making it through the day, even.

One word at a time. Holding the darkness. Holding the fire.



18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi! Looking forward to getting to know you more in this blogging-world!
    Love Vermont! It’s one if the places I could consider home quite happily (spent 4 years there for College, plus one year working.)


    1. Thanks for your help over at 201. And it’s so nice to ‘meet’ someone in the bloggish world that has some rootedness in Vermont.


  2. This is such a beautifully written introduction to yourself and your blog. I am very much looking forward to reading more of your work – you’ve sucked me in with just this short piece and now I want to learn more about your writing!


  3. Thank you, elspod, for your encouraging comments and the follow. I want to read more of you, as well. Not being too picky as we look around us for every-day miracles, from your Gravatar profile, is one of the foundations of creative writing, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to reading more of your observations that you craft so well into creative writing.


  4. What a lovely piece. Ageing gracefully and with full passion too by the looks of it. I look forward to following your blog and sharing your journey. Welcome to the blogosphere and thank you for contributing some beauty to the world.


    1. Thank for for the follow and for the lovely comments you send a few weeks ago. I was most grateful for the encouragement and validation that you were very generous with. We just had a month of house guests from NZ and I’m only now finding my way back to my blog. I look forward to more communication, more shared words, between us.


  5. Dear Pat I love the way you use words to connect us to ourselves and each other. Honestly its generous and amazing and I can see you have much that will be mindopening for me. Thank you.

    You also were kind enough to write on my blog and suggest A Field Guide to Getting Lost, for me. I followed that lead, and then like a ‘prize silly’, managed to delete your lovely comment, realising I had actually “unapproved” you! That wasn’t meant to happen at all, so please do not take offence! I hope we can visit each other often. This blog is just what I have needed.

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    1. I do those weirdo blogging blunders a lot! No worries, no offense taken. In fact, I’m really glad that we’re having this conversation, and your kind feedback about my words means so much to me. Thank you. Yes, I see frequent visiting!

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    1. It’s great to meet you, too, Skywalker, and I appreciate your generosity in offering the Gratitude 100 practice. I wanted to ask you a question or 2 about that. Is there a particular spot on your blog that you’d like questions to come to and where dialogue among participants might occur? And are you thinking that reflections will be posted on our own blogs? You probably already gave this instruction, but I have since forgotten it. Thank you again. Feeling the abundance.


  6. Pat, I think the Gratitude 100 page on my website is the best place for discussion. You can ask questions and share your reflections, feedback, suggestions. And if it’s something you don’t want to be shared publicly, you can always e-mail me to the address you wrote me to earlier. (And it’s also available at the end of each question, where it says “Write Skywalker Storyteller.”) I am hoping that as time passes more people will begin to make comments and get involved in discussions on The Gratitude 100 page. So happy you’re finding this of benefit and looking forward to your comments and reflections.


  7. What fun to find you here! Had no idea you were entering the blogosphere. Still consider myself new at it, so won’t say how long I’ve been slogging along. But the wiVT site (which you are now following) is the one that keeps my feet to the fire. You, on the other hand, are offering fire of another sort and for this I am utterly grateful and delighted. So glad to see you here 🙂

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    1. There is a sort of synchronicity present running into each other here. Would love to catch up on what’s up for each of us. Turning 65 has been way, way intense. Your site is lovely. I would like to learn how to add photographs and visuals to my site. I’ve worked on it but it isn’t an intuitive thing. We’re going out of town for a week on Monday. When we come back, would you be open to teaching a bit of blogging to your old student? Love to you. . .pat


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