Hello Blogging 101 Comrades

A Blogging 101 drop-out from earlier this year, I’m drawn to trying it again. I’m struck by the passion and wisdom, the intelligence, from the blogs and bloggers that I’ve gotten familiar with. I’m curious  how my own life might be reflected—back to me, out to others—through this different (to me) style of sharing words and of listening to and hearing them. Receiving them.

I’m committed to writing. Even with its difficulties, writing often feels easier than conversation. In The Faraway Nearby, Rebecca Solnit speaks of “. . .telling truths so lengthy and nuanced that they are almost impossible. . .” to speak out loud.  Communicating the nuances of what I’m trying to say often challenges me. The written word frees me from some odd, self-designed hook that expects meaningful dialogue only aurally. It’s the written word that dances in dialogue and life. Don’t get me wrong. Conversation and connection is important to me in any form. It’s just that. . .well, writing is different.

I love the written word. And I love dialogue. I guess that’s why I’m back to Blogging 101. I’m hoping to connect with others who are blogging their ideas and opinions, particularly in the contexts of creative writing, nursing, and generally being your own cartographer in this 21st century world.


2 thoughts on “Hello Blogging 101 Comrades”

  1. First off, let me say that I don’t know the adjectives for what I want to say here, so I’m going to try a musical association.
    I like the cadence and timbre of your writing in this post. Not hampered by stringent grammatical rules, you create an inflection that is both personal and clear, with a careful read.
    The writing feels creative and free, and I enjoy your stories about nursing, writing, Vermont, and theatre. Heck, I wish I new of as interesting a theatre company here in Seattle.
    Keep it up!
    – Ian


    1. This musical association is way creative and better than any adjectives I can think of! Ian, I value your follow and also your specific feedback. Having someone receive your words like that is a beauty thing. I appreciate the time you took to read my posts then to respond. Your comment clearly demonstrates how blogging can be a form of dialogue, and I’m pleased to be in dialogue with you!


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