You and Art

Your exact errors make a music that nobody hears. Your straying feet find the great dance, walking alone. And you live on a world where stumbling always leads home.
You and Art
William Stafford


6 thoughts on “You and Art”

  1. May I humbly suggest you try to avoid the category of “uncategorized’? Before you post, try to think of a category you’ll use; later you’ll build up a list of categories, which helps readers to go directly to topics they particularly like.


    1. I doubt if you ‘humbly suggest’ much of anything. Indeed, why should you? How do you do that thing. . .’grin’? That said, I am following your most helpful suggestion. And I thank you.


      1. You made me laugh aloud! – I’m having a marvellous morning, because several people have done this to me. 😀 The [grin]? Easy-peasy, me old china: the key to the right of the P, lower case, and the word, and the key to the right of THAT! Go for it!


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